About Us


Enesys was born of parent company Norwood Technologies and The Project Office, a multi-disciplined electrical, mechanical, and environmental engineering consultancy that has been operating in Melbourne since 1988.

We recognised that the emerging energy and conservation technologies were not
available for smaller scale installations. The typical domestic home has incredibly inefficient energy utilisation and there were no ‘whole of home’ products available to reduce household consumption of fossil fuels while servicing existing lifestyle needs. Similarly, smaller commercial manufacturing and agricultural establishments were not able to utilise emerging energy production, storage, or management technologies. At Enesys, we have scaled down highly advanced industrial-based control systems to provide cost effective and modular platforms for various energy systems including domestic homes, factories, businesses, and agricultural establishments

Projects and Clients

Enesys has worked with many companies over the years including


Enesys engineered and developed sustainable solutions for the hi-tech Aquaculture Algae Project in Ayr, Queensland. Installed CubeHMI – Supervisory control and automation


Enhanced Greenhousing proposal for Coombabah


Engineering, process control, design and construction


Energy Tech and Convention Centre proposal


Developed prototype for new RSPCA approved natural lighting systems

Mount Isa mInes



Engineering, process control, design and construction


Process control


Design advice


Design and construction


Enhanced Greenhousing

Please view our past projects for a comprehensive list of all past projects and clients.

Our People

John Norwood

Founder and Director
From a very young age, John Norwood was obsessed with how things worked, pulling everything apart to find out. It was not enough to discover how the mechanics of something worked, he was also infatuated with the hidden energy he couldn’t see. This obsession led to a double degree in electrical and mechanical engineering from Monash University and later, a MBA.
Growing up in the La Trobe Valley, John’s first jobs were in the coal industry where he witnessed first-hand the effects of coal on the environment. Early on in his career, John was looking for alternative energy opportunities and solutions but was frustrated by their lack of economic viability.
After graduating, John worked with John Holland Engineering for 10 years then worked with many prestigious engineering and consulting firms including Clough, Maunsell Parsons Brinckerhoff, Mineco, Ansett Technologies and then Kinhill Engineers, before setting up his own consultancy, Norwood Technologies and The Project Office in 1988.
John is a creative solution-focused person with a real desire to help Australian industry remain competitive while bringing clean energy solutions to the wider community. John’s long-term vision is to see the development of more sustainable communities that can affordably access green technologies to help reverse the effects of global warming.

Graeme Townsend

Software Engineer
Graeme Townsend is the software guy: he has accepted the challenge of interpreting John’s ideas and turning them into reality. He says yes to everything and then finds a way to make it work.

Graeme and John have worked together for many years and Graeme is now the developer of the software for the CubeLink project. Like John, as a kid Graeme was infected with the pull-everything-apart bug, and his obsession included computers. He spent his younger days hiring games, hacking the security and copying the games for him and his mates to play endlessly.

Dijana Dawe

Business Development
Dijana has 20 years experience in sales and business development. Starting out in advertising sales, she moved to the publishing industry, heading up the Business Development team at Penguin Australia, finding new ways to sell and promote book content. She has a great understanding of many types of Australian businesses and the challenges they face.

Thrilled to be part of the Enesys team, Dijana loves connecting the company’s innovative technology with businesses and communities, and is keen to foster partnerships and relationships that benefit everyone. She loves seeing these technologies make a positive impact in the area of sustainable alternative energy.