CubeLink is a modular system that enables a high level of automation to be easily and economically applied to any mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and thermal system. CubeLink consists of modules that communicate with or control individual components of processes (CLIOs- CubeLinkInputs and Outputs) and modules that process data to and from distributed CLIOs and communicate with higher level systems or devices (CLIPs-CubeLinkInterface Processors).

In automated systems, there is a large cost component and technical limitation in the devices that communicate with and control mechanical, thermal and monitoring equipment (such as pumps, valves, temperature and flow sensors). Some of these systems are contained within a single package (e.g. a functional device in a box) and some are distributed over large distances (e.g. a pump on a river filling a tank on a hill).

CubeLink Modules

Enesys is continually developing and manufacturing CubeLink Modules to enable high levels of automation to be installed within devices or physically separated systems at a very low cost. Some of these modules are:


CLIOs (CubeLink Inputs and Outputs) are a growing family of specific Input and Output Modules. Input CLIOs gather information from processes, like discrete status information (e.g. water flow is detected), and analogue information (eg read the water level in a tank). Output CLIO’s control equipment that makes things happen, like discrete commands (eg start a pump or close a gate), and analogue commands (eg run a lighting system at 56% of its capacity). CLIO’s may be physically dispersed over long distances to transmit data to and receive data from CLIP’s.


CLIPs (CubeLink Interface Processors) are communication gateways to high level control systems like PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and Computers. CLIPs can communicate using a range of industry standard protocols, including ModBus, Ethernet, WiFi, DH485, RS232, USB) and they can also communicate over large distances with a combination of CLIOs.)



CubeTalk is a proprietary communications protocol developed by Enesys that enables CLIOs to communicate with CLIPs over short and long distances without interference using conventional cabling. CubeTalk provides process data transmission and system self-diagnosis data transmission between CLIOs and CLIPs.

CLIPs and CLIOs are hardware enabled and can be configured to communicate directly with various specialised devices using communications protocols like I2C (127 devices with embedded addresses), SPI (point-to-point devices), SWD (multiple single-wire devices with embedded addresses).

CubeLink Specs and Pricing

For more technical information about CubeLink download our Spec sheet

Spec Sheet

Details available for download shortly. Please contact us on 0418 325 891 or email for comprehensive details on all Cubelink specs and pricing.


CubeLink Offers



CubeLink does not require hefty licensing agreements or adherence to strict compliances.



Save on costs of manual control and monitoring. Save money on paying for electricians to repair faulty systems.



CubeLink can be retrofitted to an existing control system to give it extra grunt, or it can be created specifically for new requirements.



Rest assured that things are working as they should and can be monitored without you or your staff having to be constantly present. CubeLink provides real time peace of mind without having to be in the same location.



CubeLink can be fitted easily by an electrician or one of our installers. It can also be built upon for additional applications when required.