Enesys Sustainable Solutions

Enesys Sustainable Solutions

Almost all the resources we use today are delivered in a singular conventional model: all independent from one another and without any opportunity to bring common and beneficial elements together.

Over 15 years, Enesys has researched ways to link resources that we use every day to provide a comprehensive sustainable solution, enabling us to reuse, share and redistribute these resources holistically. As a result of this research, Enesys developed ideas, systems, technology products and state-of-the-art engineering that creates viable sustainable solutions by linking conventional and unconventional elements and synergies.

Whether it’s for an entire community, commercial development, a small business or a home, we go far beyond traditional energy and sustainability management. Enesys evaluates the client’s project and objectives in order to develop bespoke options to link all elements of sustainable synergy.

Everything we do has to meet three objectives:

  • Offer the best ecological solution
  • Be economically viable
  • Be robust and easily maintained

Our technologies and ideas enable us to view small or large projects with a fresh set of eyes. We explore the synergies between the client’s requirements and what we can offer to achieve the most sustainable outcome. This gives us a genuine advantage over conventional systems.

Depending on the project objectives, our technologies, ideas and engineering solutions can be created – and often retrofitted – to enable us to achieve some of, but not limited to, the following economical outcomes:

Redistribution of wasted energy
  • Heating hot water from wasted heat of air conditioners
  • Preheating food with wasted energy from refrigeration
  • Storing chilled energy from a home air conditioner that is heating a room for later use in cooling
  • Community or business heating requirements from nearby industry waste heat
Energy production/ power generation
  • Linking greenhouses with energy production
  • Linking power generation with growing / greenhouse systems
  • Linking energy production with heating homes
  • Linking organic waste with power generation
  • Linking power, agriculture and waste recovery treatment
Alternative energy management
  • Linking solar, wind generation, biodigestion, cogeneration and trigeneration, heat pumping, heated and chilled storage and electrical storage such as batteries all together.
Food management
  • Enhanced greenhousing food production
  • Linking aquaponics with hydroponics
Automation and control
Financial and Sustainable Project Modelling


We can create a unique sustainable solution for your business. With you we:



We discuss your ideas, objectives, budgets and timelines and then explore potential sustainable synergies, systems and solutions.



Your solutions will be designed and constructed by top engineers, and installed and tested by the best technicians.



We show you how everything can work together, benefit your project and provide you with financial and sustainable modelling.


Monitor and support

If you need it, our team can provide ongoing support and monitoring of your project.

See Enesys Sustainable Technology Enabling Products for more details about our technologies


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Enesys solutions can be utilised by all businesses, industries and infrastructures. For examples of just some of the solutions applicable to these business sectors, click here.