Enesys Sustainable Technology Enabling Products

Enesys Sustainable Technology Enabling Products

Sustainable Technology Enabling Products (STEPs)

Enesys’s STEPS are proven products that enable sustainable technologies to be easily and economically implemented and maintained.

The need for STEPs

Enesys’s roots are founded in over 35 years of industrial engineering design and construction for large and very large corporations. Driven by tighter waste emission standards and increasing energy and resources costs, these corporations have invested in large automated systems that also improve their ecological and economic sustainability.

Unfortunately, these large custom systems are expensive to design and construct, often have heavy licensing costs and require technically competent personnel to maintain them. Custom designed systems are financially and practically out of reach for medium to small businesses, communities and homes and yet we need systems at this level if real change is to take place. Until now, existing, well established and proven Sustainable Technologies have been out of reach or most Australian businesses, communities and homes.

A STEP in the right direction

Enesys is continually developing methods and products to simplify the implementation and decrease the cost of Sustainable Technologies.

Lots of little STEPs

Enesys believes that complex processes can be packaged more tightly in order to decrease their cost, increase their intelligence and simplify their use as mass-produced products.

One STEP at a time

In the same way that people no longer need to lift the bonnet of their car, they will be able to install an affordable intelligent Sustainable Technology system that looks after itself.

Enesys STEPs

Enesys develops complex systems and technology to improve ecological and economic sustainability for a range of industries. During our work, we discovered that these complex systems could be broken down to simpler systems that could be packaged as their own functional product with their own sustainable and commercial value. Each packaged system led to the development of another packaged system and ultimately they all had to communicate with each other. This need then drove the development of a packaged communications system. Each of these are being packaged as Enabling Products that can operate in isolation or as part of a whole.