Enhanced Greenhousing

Enhanced Greenhousing

Enhanced Greenhousing is a system added to an enclosed greenhouse to provide a closely controlled and flexible environment to increase the productivity of vegetable crops. It is ecologically sustainable, powered from fuel gas and biogas derived from its own recycled vegetable mass, and generates more energy than it consumes.

Core Technology

The Enhanced Greenhousing system is composed of mechanical equipment (rotating machines, thermal converters, storage vessels, valving and piping, ducting, services and structural infrastructure), electrical equipment (switchgear, instruments, process controllers, power electronics, computers and associated support systems), and software (process control, grower interface, databases, reporting, and communications networks). The Enhanced Greenhouse may be retrofitted to an existing greenhouse or be integrated into a purpose built state-of-the-art greenhouse.

Enhanced Greenhousing offers:

  • Increased greenhouse productivity and profit
  • Reduced size and capital cost of greenhouse infrastructure per unit of produce
  • Flexibility to grow higher value crops during any season or climate
  • Opportunity for additional revenue streams
  • Reduced energy costs and potential to sell energy
  • Opportunity to convert imported organic waste to product, receive disposal fees and increase production
  • Ability to recycle its own wasted organic material, eliminate disposal costs and reduce nutrient costs
  • Conversion of greenhouse gasses to food
  • Opportunity to be an ecologically sustainable producer and the obtain environmental endorsements

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Spec Sheet

Details available for download shortly. Please contact us on 0418 325 891 or email info@enesys.com.au for comprehensive details on all Enhanced Greenhousing specs.